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PHP The peso (Filipino: piso) (sign: ₱; code: PHP) is the currency of the Philippines - bsp.gov.ph
PHP a server-side scripting language (free software released under the PHP License, which is incompatible with the GNU General Public License (GPL) ) designed for web development but also used as a general-purpose programming language - php.net
PHP Parkdale—High Park New Democrats - phpndp.com
PHP Parkdale-High Park Federal Liberal Association - parkdale-highpark.liberal.ca/
PHP Pizza Hut Park, home venue for soccer team FC Dallas until 2011
PHP Parallel History Project, a website with information about the Cold War
PHP Project Honey Pot, a system to block email harvesters - www.php.isn.ethz.ch
PHP Percutaneous hepatic perfusion, a regionalized cancer treatment - en.wikipedia.org
PHP Penultimate Hop Popping, a function of certain routers in MPLS computer networks - etutorials.org
PHP Partial hospitalization program, a program used to treat mental illness and substance abuse - inova.org
PHP Pigeonhole principle, also known as Dirichlet's box (or drawer) principle- wikipedia.org
PHP Primary Health Properties, a UK real estate investment trust- phpgroup.co.uk
PHP Parents Helping Parents, a non-profit organization - php.com
PHP ...


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